Tournament Standings

Namepymatuning jamestown 6 to 2Cheat lakewheeling island 6to2Monessen mon river 6 to 2 Total (Top 5)
Curt Collins34405045169
Steve Ringeisen38361050134
Carmon Peluso3650450131
Chuck Moravec40341038122
Vince Loschiavo503810098
Donald Rullo45100055
John Grillo10004050
Jim Huffner0450045
Dave Anderson3200032

Lunker Standings
NameLunker WeightLunker Length
Donald Rullo2.61 lbs16 in.
Vince Loschiavo2.04 lbs15 in.
Chuck Moravec2.02 lbs14.75 in.
Steve Ringeisen1.98 lbs15 in.
Steve Ringeisen1.94 lbs14 in.
Curt Collins1.85 lbs14 in.
Dave Anderson1.8 lbs15 in.
Carmon Peluso1.8 lbs14.25 in.
Curt Collins1.74 lbs16 in.
Curt Collins1.58 lbs14.5 in.
Carmon Peluso1.33 lbs14 in.
Chuck Moravec1.1 lbs14 in.
Jim Huffner1.01 lbs14 in.
Carmon Peluso0 lbs0 in.
John Grillo0 lbs0 in.
Curt Collins0 lbs0 in.
Vince Loschiavo0 lbs0 in.
Chuck Moravec0 lbs0 in.
Donald Rullo0 lbs0 in.
Steve Ringeisen0 lbs0 in.
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