Tournament Standings

NameCross Creek Lake 730 to 330Pymatuning Jamestown 7 to 3Cheat Lake 6 to 2 Total (Top 5)
George Wojtowicz364540121
Vince Loschiavo385032120
Mark Ochkie5036086
Aaron Pounds4540085
Jim Huffner10303676
Johnathan Coholich4003070
Mark Melega0323870
Sean Hauck3434068
Curt Collins10104565
Chuck Moravec1005060
Donald Rullo10103454
Nate Brooms1038048
Joe McClintock1001020
Dave Anderson1010020
Frank Kitta1001020
Steve Ringeisen100010
Jerry Salisbury100010

Lunker Standings
NameLunker WeightLunker Length
Mark Ochkie5.23 lbs20.25 in.
George Wojtowicz4.91 lbs20 in.
Aaron Pounds4.15 lbs18.75 in.
Johnathan Coholich3.87 lbs19.5 in.
Vince Loschiavo3.64 lbs18.25 in.
George Wojtowicz2.92 lbs16.75 in.
Sean Hauck2.78 lbs16.75 in.
Nate Brooms2.69 lbs17 in.
Curt Collins2.47 lbs17.5 in.
Sean Hauck2.41 lbs16.5 in.
Chuck Moravec2.24 lbs16.5 in.
Donald Rullo2.1 lbs17 in.
Mark Melega2.09 lbs16 in.
Jim Huffner1.66 lbs14.25 in.
Mark Melega1.65 lbs16.5 in.
Vince Loschiavo1.39 lbs14.5 in.
Johnathan Coholich1.33 lbs14 in.
George Wojtowicz1.22 lbs13.5 in.
Jerry Salisbury0 lbs0 in.
Donald Rullo0 lbs0 in.
Steve Ringeisen0 lbs0 in.
Chuck Moravec0 lbs0 in.
Mark Ochkie0 lbs0 in.
Joe McClintock0 lbs0 in.
Curt Collins0 lbs0 in.
Nate Brooms0 lbs0 in.
Dave Anderson0 lbs0 in.
Frank Kitta0 lbs0 in.
Aaron Pounds0 lbs0 in.
Jim Huffner0 lbs0 in.
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